Cheating Poker

This is a list of the most common types of cheating in poker. This is not to teach poker players how to teach, but rather, this is to help the poker players spot cheaters on the poker table.

In every game, even in poker, unfortunately there exists cheating. Cheating is what a poker player does to win over the others by unfair means. According to many people, in poker, there are two kinds of cheating. These kinds are what we call hard cheating and soft cheating.

Hard cheating in poker involves messing with the mechanics and colluding with other players while other forms belong to soft cheating. The dealer also can participate in cheating in poker, he or she can do this by sleight of hand.

Cheating in poker happens both in the games you play with your friends and family and also at those played in the casinos. Cheaters can belong to a group or they can cheat by themselves.

In poker, there are different forms of cheating using cards. The card mechanic is someone who is skilled with the sleight-of-hand. He or she manipulates the cards to win. A base dealer is different from the card mechanic because the base dealer is more particular with dealing from the bottom of the deck.

There is also cheating by switching the cards, which is done by hand muckers. A more common cheat is when a player takes advantage of cards with special markings to remember which card is which, face down. The player who does this form of cheating is called the paper player.

You must know that it doesn't take much for poker players to cheat. All they must have is the guts to do so. Most beginners at cheating start at glimpsing at the cards, or even miscalling their hands. These are easy to spot, but be warned. You have to have compelling evidence and you must be sure before you accuse any poker player of cheating. It is not only embarrassing if your accusation is false, but also, the cheater can easily deny the cheating done.

Some forms of cheating in poker can easily be avoided, like shorting of the pot. This cheat can be avoided if everyone follows the rule that the poker players should not slam their chips against the pot. Everyone should pile their poker chips neatly, so that everybody else could see how much really they have put on the pot.