Poker's top women

Poker's top women

Who said that poker is only for men? Certainly, whoever said that must have never heard of the top poker ladies namely Barbara Enright, Jennifer Harman, Annie Duke, Kathie Liebert, Susy Isaacs, Wendeen Eolis, Cycalona "Clonie" Gowen, Cindy Violette, Nani Dollison, and Cissy Bottoms.

Barbara Enright has under her belt three World Series of Poker bracelets. She also has the pride of being the first woman to have won 2 ladies events in World Series of Poker. In the Fifth World Series Poker of 1995, she made it to the final table of the main event. What is so different about that? She is the only woman who has ever done that.

In high stakes poker, one name stands out, and that is Jennifer Harman. It is said that she is the best woman player of high stakes poker. Like Barbara Enright, she also owns many World Series of Poker bracelets. This poker school teacher is greatly feared by other poker players.

Annie Duke is considered by Phil Helmuth to be the best all-around woman poker player, and he has reason to do so. A psychology and English graduate, this Phd holder worked her way up to be one of the best poker players in the world, and not just one of the women best poker players. Like the two others, Annie has made it big in the World Series of Poker.

Like Barbara Enright, Kathy Liebert one of the few ladies to enter the Top 12 Poker Tournament Players of the Year. In 1997, she was the only woman in the Top 12, in 1998, it was Barbara Enright. In 1999, she took back the glory of being the lone woman in the top 12 poker tournament players.

Susie Isaacs has bagged two Women's World Series of Poker championships. In the main event, she made it to the top 10.

Wendeen Eolis is a woman pioneer in poker. She's the first woman poker player to finish in the money in the World Series of Poker, and she did it twice. She is also the lone woman to win the open no limit in Europe.

A former travel agent, newcomer Gowen shows much promise to her career. She has won in the Belagio WPT and placed 10th in the World Poker tour in Costa Rica.

Cindy Violette is also a high stakes player like Jennifer Harman. She continues to be an outstanding poker pro despite personal issues that would have stopped many.

At 2000 Women's Championship, Nani Dollison triumphed as she used her famous very aggressive game. She also has the bragging rights of having 3 World Series of Poker bracelets and being the all-time money leader of the Women's World Series.

Cissy Bottoms is different from the nine listed above because she prefers live play over tournament poker. However, she's still much respected by her co-players due to her superb skills.