Being Selective in Texas Holdem

When players are on a losing streak, the tendency is to try out different Texas Holdem strategies in order to see what might work. While there is nothing wrong with this, one thing that should not be tinkered with is expanding the starting hands.

If you have been playing Texas Holdem for a while, you may already know that the starting hands you should play are only a few, and that it is relative to your position on the table. In early position you should only play paired Aces and Kings.

In middle spots you can add Kings and Queens, KQ and in at the late position, or when you are on the button you add JJ and TTs.

Of course, the Texas Holdem starting hands may be modified slightly based on the players on the table, that is, if it is too tight or loose. However, that is the only reason why you should change your starting hands. The problem with a lot of players is that they like to experiment when they are losing.

For instance, some begin to play JT off suit in early position, either because others have played it, or simply because they have not played a hand in a while. Do not use that as an excuse; although sometimes you can get lucky on the draw, that is the last thing that you should rely on, especially if you are losing.

The point is that you should never call or make a draw with a marginal hand in Texas Holdem. It is a bad idea when you are winning, and even more so if you are in the red.

Always play the odds. Even if you win, do not be deluded into thinking that that hand is playable. The moment that you do that, you will find yourself relying on luck, instead of on your skills.

That is certain to place you in the red even more. Even if the other Texas Holdem players do that, do not be enticed in imitating them, even if they win. Their luck will not hold for long. The fact that luck changes every so often at the Poker table only goes to show how unreliable it is.

Always remember that it is all about playing the odds. By playing the correct Texas Holdem starting hands, you will put yourself on the right track into making a quick recovery from your loss.