The Sound Poker Game

The sound of free online poker has got to be heaven in a poker player’s ears. Imagine, free and poker?? Is there anything better than that to avid poker players? Well, other than winning it all!

In playing Free Poker online there are three possible distinct ways to play. You can play in the free money poker rooms, poker free rolls or bonuses. Here are the ways to play these free poker games online.

Play Money Poker:

This free poker game will let players play cards using fun money only or play money to make their bets. You can play as much “fun” money you can without the worry of losing your hard earned cash.

Playing with fun or play money is also great because it helps you familiarize yourself with the online poker table. Just like in real poker tables where the player scouts the opponents first (are they aggressive, are they passive, etc.) playing with fun money also allows one to get to know the styles of online players as well as improving your skills and strategies at no finacial cost.

Fun money in poker is also a great way for beginners to learn more about the game. Watching those poker players on TV that looks constipated is a fun reason to try poker out. However, those poker players are well seasoned. Starting out on fun money poker can help you reach their level too, eventually.

Free Rolls:

If you feel you have enough knowledge of the game by playing a lot of free poker, you can try moving on to free rolls. Free rolls are free tournaments with a prize the host site gives, providing you are a signed up member. Being a member on some sites only needs you to provide information about yourself without paying a thing.

Yup, free rolls may be free but there is a real prize involved. However with having the chance of winning for free comes with a price too. You will be stuck for long hours on your computer screen just trying to capture that prize. If you have the time to spare and really need the money, it might be fine to get stuck.

The good thing about free rolls is that there is actually pressure involved in playing this kind of game. You also get to play multi table tournaments. This is another step for you to move on towards playing at the World Series of Poker.


Another free way to play poker involves you actually playing real money. Based on the amounts of deposits you have given, some casinos will reward you with a bonus.

These are the three great ways of finding that free poker online for your enjoyment.