Things you shouldn't do in poker

Things you shouldn't do in poker:

Being a slave to odds. You do this when every time in a poker game, you compute your outs and they're not that big, you fold. We all know that poker is also about probability, but it must not be the only thing you concentrate on. In poker and well as in life, too much of something is bad. So to avoid being an odds slave in poker, you should try to be more adventurous every once in a while. In this way, your opponents will be virtually clueless to how and what you are thinking.

Playing too much poker. Even though you play too much poker just to improve your skills, in reality, you only become weaker. Your brain slows down because it experiences no dynamics, no other things but poker. Our mind needs to be stimulated in many ways to function well. In this regard, do not make poker your whole life. Have a life outside the poker house or online poker room. When you do this, your brain becomes more active again. You may not realize it but everyday problems and experiences really do help in making better decisions in poker.

Being too serious in poker. Like the first two things mentioned here, this is also an example of anything in excess is bad for you. You should never forget the pleasure and excitement playing poker brings you. This will help you face your losses more easily.

Folding before the turn. Do not be too afraid to call. Sometimes, your hand forms beautifully only after the flop. You just have to give your cards a little more faith. If you are a tight poker player, you just may play longer because you do not lose money easily. However, you do not really earn bigger money, you just conserve what you have. This means that you have little chances to become the big poker winner if you fear the turn.

Assuming that others have the same poker strategy as you do. It would be better if you understand that poker players, have indeed different personality. Therefore, do not interpret actions in the light of what would be your reason to do the same. People do the same things for different reasons, so you should be careful in reading others' actions.

Playing awful after winning big. Poker players should not be lax because they just came from a big win. If you want to be an expert poker player, then, you should aim to win consistently, which means most of the time.